Hiroshima University
Environmental Preservation Engineering Laboratory

Environmental Preservation Engineering Laboratory is one of the laboratories at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Program, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University. Our research interests cover energy/resource recovery from wastewater, risk assessment/management of hazardous chemical compounds, and exploration/enrichment of novel microorganisms useful for water treatment. Environmental Preservation Engineering Laboratory is jointly operated by four faculty members, including Professor Akiyoshi Ohashi, Professor Tomonori Kindaichi, and Associate Professor Noriatsu Ozaki.


In 2001, the laboratory was renamed, from Sanitary Engineering Laboratory, to Environmental Preservation Engineering Laboratory due to the reorganization of the graduate school. The Environmental Preservation Engineering Laboratory was managed by Professor Takehiko Fukushima, Associate Professor Toshiko Komatsu (Yamaguchi), and Assistant Professor Noriatsu Ozaki. The research interests were elucidation of the mechanism of water quality formation based on water quality observations of lakes and inner bays, and analysis of the dynamics of trace pollutants in the atmosphere, water bodies, and soil. Studies were also conducted on the effects of climate change, such as global warming, water-based ecosystems and social activities.

In 2003, Professor Takeo Fukushima was moved to University of Tsukuba, and Associate Professor Toshiko Komatsu was joined Saitama University as a professor in 2004. Assistant Professor Noriatsu Ozaki was promoted to Associate Professor in 2003. In 2004, Assistant Professor Tomonori Kindaichi was appointed. In 2007, Professor Akiyoshi Ohashi was appointed from Nagaoka University of Technology.

In 2020, Assistant Professor Tomonori Kindaichi was promoted to Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor Amin Mojiri from Iran was appointed.

In 2023, Assistant Professor Amin Mojiri was moved to Arizona State University and Associate Professor Tomonori Kindaichi was promoted to Professor.



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